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Business Licenses

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 ***Before you conduct business in North Ogden you must first register with the State Department of Commerce and then apply for a business license with North Ogden City.

The State Department of Commerce offers an online One Stop Business Registration at

SALES TAX: If you are a business that will be collecting sales tax (you will be selling or reselling products to consumers), you will need to get a sales tax number from the Department of Commerce. You can visit their office or register online.

Place:          Utah State Tax Commission
                     210 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City

Utah Department of Public Safety: Application for Criminal History Record

Applications may be submitted in person or emailed to Payments can be made with cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard. Call 801-737-9837 for questions.  

License Applications and Fees     

Application Type Fees
Renewal Fees Applications
Commercial License  $100  $75  Commercial
Residential Rental $100 $75  Residential Rental
Home Occupation Business  $0 $0 - Must Submit Renewal Form Home Occupation
Solicitor License  $100 $100 - Valid for one year   
Temporary or Special Events $100 $100 - Valid for 95 days   
Fireworks $125 $125 - Valid for 95 days   
Beer License Class A  $125 $25 - Due in December of each year  Class "A" Beer License
Beer License Class B (In-House) $125 $25 - Due in December of each year  Class "B" Beer License
*Beer License $100 - With Background Checks Every Third Year   

***If you have CLOSED your business, please send an email with the business name, owner information and
closing date to

 In addition to the above Business License Fees, the following fees apply:

Temporary Licenses:

  • For businesses with a combined display and building area covering more than 400 square feet - License fee plus $250.00 refundable deposit
  • For businesses with a combined display and building area covering less than 400 square feet:  License fee plus $150.00 refundable deposit

 Late Fees:

  • All licenses shall be payable annually in advance (unless otherwise provided), and shall date from
    the date the certificate of license is issued and shall expire one year from the date the certificate of
    license is issued.(North Ogden City Code 4-1-5A)
  • Late Payment Penalty: If any license fee or tax is not paid within two (2) months of the due date,
    a penalty of twenty five percent (25%) of the amount of the license fee or tax shall be added to
    the original amount thereof, and if not paid within four (4) months of the due date, an additional
    penalty of twenty five percent  (25%) shall be added to the original amount thereof. All penalties
    provided for in this subsection shall be collected by the city and payment thereof enforced in the
    same manner as the license fees are collected and payment thereof enforced. No license shall
    be issued until all penalties legally assessed have been paid in full. (North Ogden City Code 4-1-5B)

For further information, please contact the Business License Administrator at 801-737-9837 or email