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Our mission is to protect the safety and health of North Ogden citizens by providing code compliance review of construction plans and providing inspection of commercial, residential and business properties for compliance to City building and licensing ordinances.

The Building Department issues permits for new construction, additions to and remodeling of existing buildings and structures. We inspect permitted work for conformance with approved plans and the appropriate codes. As part of the permit process, our department reviews submitted plans to assure compliance with adopted codes, which include building, electrical, mechanical, energy, and plumbing codes. The goal for completing the initial review of submitted plans for residential development is 3-5 working days after the date of submittal. For commercial development it takes approximately 5-10 working days.


Public Works Standards December 2017


Building Permit Application | Excavation Permit Application | Gas Clearance Report I Grading Permit Application 

To schedule a building permit or for building permit questions call 801-737-2213 

Joey MedinaBuilding Administrative Assistant: 801-737-2213

Gary KerrBuilding Inspector: 801-737-2214

Bruce HigleyBuilding Inspector: 801-737-9831

Nate DavisBuilding Inspector: 801-737-2218

Jon CallBuilding Official: 801-737-9846 

Building Department Fax: 801-737-2217