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Building a Home

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Building a new home requires a Building Permit which can be obtained at the City Office at 505 East 2600 North, just southeast of the county library. Call Monday thru Friday 8 am - 5 pm for additional assistance at 801-737-2213.

Residential permit requires two sets of plans containing the following information as a minimum.

1.  Site or plot plan

2.  Needed on house plans - Square footage summary for each of the following: main level,
     upper level, unfinished basement, finished basement, garage, decks, covered porches,
     accessory buildings and exterior concrete (driveways, walks, RV pads, patios, etc).

3.  Footing and foundation plan

4.  Floor plan each level with plumbing, mechanical, and electrical layouts

5.  Elevations (front, sides and rear views)

6.  Construction details, cross sections, and stair details

7.  Roof truss or rafter and floor joist layouts

8.  An energy analysis report showing that the building complies with the Model Energy Code

9.  All plans must be stamped by a licensed Engineer in the State of Utah

10. Copy of receipt for payment of secondary water


Building Permit Application

Gas Clearance Report

Excavation Permit