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Building Permit Fees

The fees for new construction building permits are based on the value of the work as determined by the Building Official. The calculation is based on square foot costs, and the fee schedule is based on Table 3-A of the 1997 Uniform Administrative Code.


Plan Review Fee

For commercial development, this could be a maximum of 65% of the Building Permit Fee. For a residential permit, this could be a maximum of 50% of the Building Permit Fee. Where do I get a permit? Building permits are issued at the North Ogden Municipal Building located at 505 East 2600 North, just south of the city library. To process a commercial building permit you need three complete sets of plans and specifications (residential permit requires only two sets of plans) containing the following information as a minimum:

  1. Site and plot plan (8 ½ x 11 size)
  2. Footing and foundation plan
  3. Floor plan for each floor
  4. Elevations (front, side, and rear views)
  5. Construction details, cross section, & stair detail (please call our office if we can assist you with this)
  6. Plumbing, electrical, and mechanical layouts
  7. An energy analysis report showing that the building complies with the current edition of the Model Energy Code
  8. All new residential and commercial plans must be stamped by a Utah State Licensed Engineer
  9. Receipt for payment of secondary water