Annexation Petition

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1.    Submit annexation petition signed by a majority of the owners of real property. 
       (Signatures include all joint owners of property that will be included in the annexation.)

        •    Owners signing must represent at least 1/3 of the value of all property within the area
             proposed for annexation.  

        •    Designate a contact sponsor and up to 4 additional signers of the petition as sponsors,
             and indicate the mailing address of each sponsor.

        •    Petition must be accompanied by an accurate and recordable map, prepared by a licensed
             surveyor, of the area proposed for annexation.  (Mylar or Linen)

2.    Pay a filing fee based on property size.

3.    Submit a copy of the annexation petition to the County Recorder’s Office.

4.    City Council accepts the petition

5.    City Recorder certifies the petition, arranges for newspaper advertisement, and notifies all
       affected public entities of the proposed annexation

6.    Newspaper ad is run once each week for three consecutive weeks

7.    If no valid protests are filed within 30 days after certification, City Council sets a date for public hearing.

       - If protests are filed, council may deny petition or wait for action of the Boundary Commission.

       - After boundary commission decision, City Council sets hearing if appropriate.

8.    Public hearing

9.    Ordinance adopted annexing property

10.    Annexation to Lt. Governor for certificate

11.    Annexation recorded at Weber County


Please fill out the following packet and return to the City Recorder.

Annexation Petition Packet

Individual Packet Documents

- Annexation Information for the Petitioner

- Petition for Annexation

- Landowner Annexation Petition for North View Fire District