New/Amended Ordinances

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2019-15 Personnel Policy Amendments 

2019-14 Streetscape Standards 

2019-13 Amending Code 10-6-1 Adopting a New Section 21, Public Works Standards Adopting a Complete Streets Policy

2019-12 Rezone 2550 North and 250 East from Residential RE-20 to Commercial C-2

RDA 2019-11 Redevelopment Agency Board Amending the Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 

2019-11 Amending the Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

RDA 2019-10 Adopting the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 

2019-10 Adopting the Budget and Property Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 

2019-09 Building Orientation and Utility Standards in Commercial Zones

2019-08 Annexation at Approximately 1100 East 2600 North (Brown, Parker Trust, Bates) 

RDA 2019-07 North Ogden Redevelopment Agency Tentative Budget for the Fiscal Year 2019-20 

2019-07 North Ogden City Tentative Budget for the Fiscal Year 2019-20

2019-06 Rezone at Approximately 430 East 1625 North from Residential Estate RE-20 to Commercial C-2

2019-05 Drive-Through Restaurant Menu Signs

2019-04 Fence Height on Retaining Wall

2019-03 Accessory Building Setback

2019-02 Accessory Dwelling Units

2019-01 Adjust the Setback and use Standards in Commercial Zones and Establish Streetscape Standards as Part of Site Plan Review


2018-34 Establishing a Time and Place for Regular Meetings for the 2019 Calendar Year 

2018-33 Temporary Land Use Regulation - Form Based Code 

2018-32 Setbacks on Lots with an Overall Percentage Greater than 10 Percent

2018-31 Amending the Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 

2018-30 Preschool Standards in Residential Zones 

2018-29 Daycare Standards in Residential Zones

2018-28 Adopting the Amended Downtown Community Development Project Area Plan

2018-27 Amending Sewer Regulations, Design and Location of Parking Spaces

2018-26 Fencing that is Required by Developers as Part of the Subdivision Property

2018-25 Amending Meetings, Procedure and Conduct

2018-24 Amending Sewer Regulations

2018-23 Rezone at 700 East, on both sides of 2600 North, West of 850 East and South of 2750 North from RE-20 to R-1-8

2018-22(2) Re-Approved Annexation of 1750 North 775 East (Paul and Karen Mackley)

2018-22 Annexation of 1750 North 775 East (Paul and Karen Mackley)

2018-21 Amending Personnel Policies and Procedures for North Ogden City

2018-20 Zoning Map Changing Properties 

2018-19 Maximum Allowed Lot Coverage Percentages by a Building in the R-1-12.5 and R-1-10 Zones

2018-18 Annexation of 1500 East 2750 North (Ensminger and Hall Brothers Land Co., LLC) 

2018-17(Amended) Amending Grading and Drainage Standards

2018-17 Amending Grading and Drainage Standards

2018-16 Special Exception to Provide for Cul-de-sac length Standards

2018-15 Rezone at 2200 North 400 East from Residential R-2 and Multi-Family R-4 to Commercial C-2

2018-14 Rezone at 2700 North 850 East and 745 East 2600 North from Suburban Residential RE-20 to Residential R-1-8

2018-13 Amending the Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

2018-12 Amending City Code Section 3, Related to Purchasing

2018-11 Amending Regulations Related to Noise Restrictions and Establishing Related to the Amphitheater Use

2018-10 Boundary for Fireworks and Prohibit Open Burning in Certain Areas of the City

2018-09 Amendment to the Accessory Building Standards

2018-08 Final Budget 

2018-07 R-1-5 Zone Amendment

2018-06 Annexation Correction of 2521 North Mountain Road (Webb)

2018-05 Amending the Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

2018-04 Boundary Line Adjustment (Amended)

2018-04 Boundary Line Adjustment

2018-03 Amending Ordinance 2016-12, Personnel Policies

2018-02 Uses to Allow a Single Residence as a Permitted use with an Existing Business

2018-01 Propane Sales as an Accessory Use


2017-30 Annexation of 2521 North Mountain Road (Webb)

2017-29 Sign Regulations

2017-28 Public Work Standards 

2017-27 Meeting Schedule for 2018

2017-26 Annexation of 744 East 1700 North (Mosher)

2017-25 Acquisition and Disposal of Interests in Real Property Controlled by NOC  

2017-24 Depreciation Fund Policies

2017-23(2)  Village at Prominence Point Annexation

2017-23 Business License Food Truck 

2017-22 Village at Prominence Point Development Agreement

2017-21 Rezone 2325 North Washington Boulevard 

2017-20 City Parks

2017-19 Athletic Court

2017-18 Rezone Southwest corner of 2550 North and Washington Boulevard

2017-17 Amended Budget for 2016-2017 

2017-16 Site Development Standards 

2017-15 Final RDA Budget 2017-2018

2017-14 Final Budget 2017-2018

2017-13 Land Use Permit

2017-12 Rezone 100 East 2700 North

2017-11 Personnel Policies

2017-10 Accessory Dwelling Units

2017-09 Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Amendment

2017-08 Recording of Fixed Assets Amendment

2017-07 Rezone Property at 205 East 3050 North

2017-06 Security Fence Height Amendment 

2017-05 General Plan Parks and Trails Map Amendment

2017-04 Rocky Mountain Power Franchise and Easement 

2017-03 Parkinson-Frandsen-Brewer Annexation (Amendment to Original) 

2017-03 Parkinson-Frandsen-Brewer Annexation 

2017-02 Fence Height & Location Amendment 

2017-01 Heninger Annexation (Amendment to Original) 

2017-01 Heninger Annexation