Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact Public Works and Utility Billing Departments?

                Phone # is 801-782-8111.
                Fax # is 801-782-6453.
                Email Shelly Robison and your message will be directed to the appropriate person.


Where is the office for Public Works and Utility Billing located?

Our address is 165 E Lomond View Dr.  Lomond View is approximately 2700 North and Washington Blvd.  The office is approximately ¼ mile to the West of Washington Blvd on Lomond View Drive.


How do I sign up for utility services (water, sewer and garbage)?

Once you have closed on your home, bring your closing documents and photo ID to the Public Works building located at 165 E Lomond View Drive.  You will be asked to complete a short service application (the process takes less than 10 minutes).


How do I terminate my utility services?

Utility services can be terminated once you have sold your home or are no longer on the deed.  A termination form is available at the link below, at the Public Works office located at 165 E Lomond View Drive or by email upon request.  Once a termination form is completed your utility services will be discontinued and a final bill will be sent out. Termination Form


I am a renter, do I have to put the utility services in my name?

Per an ordinance passed by the City Council in 2016, water services will no longer be put in a tenant’s name, however a tenant needs to review their rental agreement to determine if paying the bill is their responsibility.  Statements will be mailed to the address designated by the property owner.


What is the hardness of my water?

11 grains per gallon


Why is my water cloudy?

There may have been some work on the water lines in your area which stirred up some sentiment.  It is safe and causes no harm.  Just run your taps for about 15 minutes and it should clear up.  If not, please call the water department at 801-782-8111.


Why is my water usage so high?

Water usage should stay roughly the same from month-to-month, however, if you fill a hot tub or swimming pool your usage will be higher.  If you have guests during the month or do more laundry than usual it will also cause your usage to rise.  If you have a water softener you will use more water but the biggest culprit for higher usage is a leaking toilet.  You may not ‘hear’ the leak from a toilet so you may not know you have a leak (see next question for a way to check for a leaky toilet).


How do I know if my toilet has a leak?

Put several drops of food coloring in the tank of your toilet.  Leave for 15-30 minutes and don’t flush.  If the color has seeped into the bowl then you have a leak.  The toilet flapper is the usual cause of a leak and once replaced will fix the problem.


Is there fluoride added to my water?

No, we do not add fluoride to our water.


How do I sign up for Auto-Pay?

There are two ways to pay your account automatically.  First, you can pay using a voided check and your payment will be auto-paid on or about the 25th of each month with a draft from your checking account or you can sign up using your credit/debit card at . Contact the Utility Department at 801-782-8111 for more information.


When does Pineview Water (secondary water) turn on/off?

Approximately April 15th thru October 15th of each year.


When is the Green Waste Facility open/close?

Weather permitting, it opens approximately April 1st and closes approximately October 31st


What are the Green Waste Facility hours?

Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm to 6pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm, closed on holidays.


My garbage/recycling was missed, what do I do?

Call Republic Services to schedule service at 801-781-1349.


How do I request a second garbage/recycling can?

A second can request form can be filled out at the Public Works office located at 165 E Lomond View Dr. A second garbage can is an additional $19.27/month; a second recycling can is an additional $5.00/month.


How do I get my garbage/recycling can repaired?  What does it cost?

We are happy to provide repairs and replacements of damaged cans at *no cost.  Please call 801-782-8111 to schedule a repair/replacement.  *Cans damaged due to user neglect/misuse are $100.00.


Is there a place to drop off cardboard boxes?

North Ogden City doesn’t have an area for dropping off cardboard boxes.  Cardboard is accepted as a recyclable item in your blue bin or you can take them to the Weber County Transfer Station at 867 W. Wilson Lane in Ogden.  An extra blue bin is $5.00/month and can be kept for 1 month or year-round.