Dog Park

Dog Park

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The North Ogden Dog Park opened in June 2015.  It is located at the northeast corner of 2600 North and 850 East.  The dog park is situated within an active detention basin that is fully fenced.  With just less than 2 acres, dogs have plenty of room to play and socialize in this leash free environment.

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Dog park hours are 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 pm. It is open 7 days a week with the exception of times when the park is being mowed or whenever there is more than 3” of standing water present.  Please be aware that as an active detention basin the water level may quickly rise, especially during active or wet weather conditions.

The dog park is open throughout the year.  Water is available until temperatures drop in winter when it is turned off for the season. 

Parking is permitted along 850 East.  Please observe all parking signs and be aware that parking along 2600 North is prohibited.  During times of heavy use please be considerate of those who live along 850 East and avoid parking in front of mailboxes or blocking driveways.  Additional parking is available at nearby Barker Park or Oak Lawn Park allowing you an easy walk to the dog park.

There are two waste stations offering waste removal bags located within the park.  However, it is best to be prepared and carry your own waste removal bags with you in the event you need to clean up after your dog before actually entering the park.  All waste must be immediately removed by the owner.

Although this is a leash-free park, please be aware that prior to entering the park, without exception, all dogs must be on leash.  Failing to comply with this requirement is not only a violation of city ordinances but also puts your dog and/or motorists in a dangerous situation that could possibly result in injury or worse.

All dogs entering the park must have tags showing proof of identification as well as valid vaccinations and a current dog license from the community in which you reside.  A sign with all rules is located just inside the gate at the park.