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Hi my name is Kaitlan Toole.  I am currently employed by Weber school district.  I teach physical education and choir at North Ogden Elementary.  I have been teaching at NOE for the past four years.  I received a bachelors degree in Physical Education at Utah State University.  I am a certified tennis instructor through Net Generation, a non-profit organization that promotes introducing tennis to all age age groups. I was introduced to tennis when I was a young girl. My dad taught me how to play. I really became more interested in tennis when I went to college and started taking lessons from a former collegiate tennis player.  I took many more classes and decided that I would like to teach tennis to kids. For the past year I have been teaching private tennis lesson in North Ogden. 


 I am married and have three children.  I enjoy all sports, and being active.  I prefer to spend most of my time being active in an outdoor environment.  My favorite activities are snow skiing, mountain biking, hiking, tennis, soccer, pickleball, and basketball.  When I am not outdoors,  I enjoy singing, playing the guitar, teaching choir, and rehearsing with my singing group.  


 I enjoy teaching kids to be active, live a healthy lifestyle, and have confidence in trying new things.  I want kids to know that you have to believe in yourself first, have courage to try, and then work very hard.  


Registration Form - Summer Tennis Lessons 

Group Lessons (4 - 6) Eight lessons $80 per session

Private Lessons (One on One)  $20 lesson 


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