Zoning Map & Standards

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Zoning Map

Zoning Map

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North Ogden City Zoning and Land Use Map


Zoning District Standards

The City has adopted a zoning ordinance and is organized into the following zones, which classification is usually based on location, topography, and other reasonable considerations. The zoning map is used to help implement the General Plan. It helps guide the day to day uses of the city for orderly physical growth, establishment of neighborhoods, compatibility and overall stability of the city:


R-1-8, R-1-8(A), R-1-8(AG), R-1-10, R-1-12.5  Single-family residential zones

R-2    Residential zone

R-3    Multi-family residential zone

R-4    Multi-family residential zone

RCC  Residential City Center zone

MPC  Master Planned Community zone

HP-1, HP-2, HP-3  Hillside protection zones

C-1, C-2  Commercial zones

CP-1, CP-2  Planned commercial zones

            Design Standards for Commercial Development

MP-1   Planned manufacturing zone

Legacy planned residential unit development zone (PRUD)

Roylance Farms Phase II planned residential unit development zone (PRUD)

Quail Ponds planned residential unit development zone (PRUD)

Cold Creek Village planned residential unit development (PRUD)

Ordinance 2015 – 02 Home Occupations and Amortization Schedule