Storm Water

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If you notice illegal dumping please call North View Fire District 801-629-8221 immediately.

See how you play a part in North Ogden City's Storm Water Management Plan.



  • Buy household products such as cleaners and furniture polish labeled "non-toxic". Use small quantities and purchase only the amount you need.
  • Follow manufacturer's recommendations for use and storage of all toxic products, including cleaners, solvents and paints.
  • Properly dispose of household hazardous wastes (any toxic substances) at solid waste facilities.
  • Rinse paint brushes in the sink. Filter and reuse paint thinner or brush cleaners. Dispose of used materials at a hazardous materials collection event.
  • Recycle reusable materials. Throw litter into trash cans and keep cans tightly covered to prevent foraging by neighborhood animals.



  • Minimize the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers; apply carefully and sweep up excess.
  • Use a broom rather than a hose to clean up sidewalks and driveways. Do not hose down gutter.
  • Deposit leaves and clippings in a garbage can or a compost pile.
  • Divert rain spouts and garden hoses from paved surfaces onto grass or garden areas to allow filtration through the soil. Water only your lawn and garden.
  • Control sediment migration and erosion, don't let it reach the gutter, sweep up and re-use it.
  • Do not over-water -- Don't be a "gutterflooder".
  • Pick-up, bag and dispose of pet waste in a garbage can.



  • Recycle used motor oil and antifreeze at automotive centers.
  • Have your car inspected and maintained regularly to reduce leakage of oil, antifreeze and other fluids.
  • Reduce automotive emissions through regular auto maintenance, ride sharing, and by using public transportation.
  • Conserve water when washing your car and use biodegradable soap.
  • Non-point source pollution comes from many sources and its control is everyone’s responsibility. Pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices are essential to reducing non-point source pollution. From the individual gardener to the public official, everyone has a stake in protecting our resources. The best place to get started is your own backyard and garage.



  • North Ogden City no longer takes used oil.
  • Auto Zone located at 2550 North 400 East will take up to 5 gallons per week.  They also take power steering fluid and brake fluid.
  • Jiffy Lube located at 2381 North 400 East will take 2 gallons per day per customer.