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The owner of the property needs to bring in their closing paperwork and picture identification to the Public Works Facility during regular business hours. The office is located at 165 E. Lomond View Drive (approximately 2700 North).

If water needs to be turned on at the service address that day, the property owner will be required to meet a technician at a designated time during regular business hours for service to be restored to the property.

If you wish to pay your bill online please visit www.xpressbillpay.comYou will need your account number (without the decimals).

If you wish to set up monthly auto pay please download the attached form and return it, with a voided check to 165 E. Lomond View Drive. Activation of the auto pay takes 30 days, you may need to make your current month's payment as usual to allow time for the auto pay to become effective.

For further information or if you have questions please call Stacie at 801-782-8111.



DID YOU SELL YOUR HOME? Please complete a Service Termination Form Termination of Services


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Does your water bill higher than usual? It’s usually not too hard to find out what has caused a sudden spike in your water bill. Once you find a problem, you'll probably know how to make corrections or when to seek professional help. Here are some items to investigate, to check out what has made your bill so high.


Your Household Inside

¨ Did you have guests or extra laundry demands last month?

¨ Do you see or hear water running or dripping from toilets, faucets or sinks?

¨ Is there a silent leak in a toilet? To check, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. Wait ten minutes. If the water in the bowl    is now colored, you have a leak.

¨ Have you had any repairs made in the last month? If so, did they use or release water in the process?


Your Household Outside

¨ Did you wash the windows or cars last month?

¨ Do you have new grass or plants?

¨ Can you see any leaks in or around outdoor faucets, pipes or hoses?


Swimming Pool / Hot Tub

¨ Have you filled or drained your pool or hot tub recently?

¨ If you have an auto-fill system, is it working properly?

¨ Does the water level in the pool or hot tub drop more than 1/4 inch per week?

Once you have completed this self-check, if there is still no reasonable explanation for increased usage, contact the Culinary Water Division at 801-782-8111. Please have your completed checklist when you call so we can better assist you 




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 Utility Billing Manager

Stacie Cain