North Ogden City Government

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Form of Government

North Ogden City Seal


Mayor & City Council Roles and Duties

North Ogden operates under the Six Member Council form of government.  Five City Councilmembers are elected at-large for 4 year terms, and serve as the city’s legislative body.  The City Council sets budgets for all city departments and functions, develops policies and procedures to direct city operations, creates land use ordinances to guide development throughout the city, and is the approval authority for appointments by the Mayor to city committees and commissions.  The City Council also passes ordinances and resolutions to govern North Ogden City.  The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the city, and directs the execution of budgets, policies, and ordinances passed by the City Council.  The Mayor directs city employees and is responsible for the effective management of city operations.  The Mayor proposes budgets for city departments and ordinances or resolutions to the City Council.  The Mayor is also the sixth member of the City Council and chairs the City Council meetings, but does not vote except to break a tie vote among the City Council members or upon the appointment or dismissal of a City Manager.  The Mayor may not veto an action passed by the City Council. 




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City Administration

Under North Ogden’s form of government, the City Council may opt to hire a City Manager or may have the Mayor manage the city on a day-to-day basis.  Currently the City Council has opted to have the Mayor manage North Ogden City on a full-time basis.  The Mayor is assisted in this effort by six department heads and by the city Finance Director who also serves as the City Administrator and who is the senior professional staff member in the city.


City Elections

City elections happen every two years, on the odd years, and three of the six elected positions are up for election each time.  For example, during the 2015 municipal election three City Council seats will be up for election.  Then, during the 2017 election, the Mayor and remaining two City Council seats will be up for election, and so on.  The Mayor and all five Council Members are each elected for four year terms, which begin in the January after the election and end 4 years later.  City elections are nonpartisan, and candidates do not declare party affiliations or compete in a party primary or caucus process.


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