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The Banner Program

The North Ogden Heroes Boulevard banner program was made to honor and recognize active duty and deployed military members of our community. Banners will display the official military photo of the service member, name, and branch of the United States Armed Forces.

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The honoree must be an active duty member of the United States Armed Forces.

The honoree must be a resident or an immediate family member of a permanent resident of North Ogden City, UT or neighboring cities.

Immediate family members include spouse, son/daughter, parent, grandchild, great grandchild, sister, brother, or in-laws.

Initial and annual verification of active duty status will be required.


Nominations will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Banners will be installed once a year around Memorial Day and will be retrieved around Labor Day. There is no cost to the nominee or nominee family, however, if sufficient funds are not available at the desired installation time, priority status for the following installation date will be given.


Banners will be displayed along Washington Boulevard (Heroes Boulevard) on light posts within the city limits. At the term of the display, the banner will be presented to the honoree or representative at a future City Council meeting. 


The cost of banners will be funded by sponsors. Banners are double sided; each side costs $100. Sponsors have the option to donate $100 for one banner side or $200 for the full banner. We will also accept any other donation amount, which will help fund the general cost of the recognition program. Individuals, organizations, and local business are encouraged to donate.

Any funds above and beyond the cost of the honor banners will be used to send care packages to service men and women overseas.