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To reach the MAYOR or the CITY COUNCIL click here:


For ADMINISTRATION questions email or call 801-782-7211

505 E 2600 N - Top Floor


For BUILDING questions email Joey Medina or call 801-737-2213

For BUSINESS LICENSING questions email Colleen Phillips or call 801-737-9837

505 E 2600 N -Top Floor


For FINANCE questions e-mail or call 801-737-2201

505 E 2600 N - Top Floor


For PLANNING and ZONING questions e-mail or or call 801-737-9835

505 E 2600 N 


For PUBLIC WORKS questions email Shelly Robison or call 801-782-8111

For UTILITY BILLING questions email Stacie Cain or call 801-782-8111

165 E Lomond View Drive


For PARKS & RECREATION questions email or call 801-737-0587

2705 N 550 E


For POLICE questions email or call 801-782-7219

515 E 2600 N